Client SideKick Customer Referral Program

  • To be eligible for the reward, the agency you refer must become a Client SideKick customer and sign our contract for services.
  • The agency you refer must not have received a sales contract or proposal from Client SideKick in the previous 12 months.
  • The agency you refer will be informed that you are receiving a reward and must confirm that you are the referral source prior to making a purchase decision.
  • Referrals must be registered in advance using the referral website
  • Referrals cannot be credited retroactively.
  • Employees and owners of referred companies are not eligible for rewards.
  • Referral amounts are based on the referral’s Client SideKick subscription price alone.
  • The IRS considers this taxable compensation. Accordingly, Client SideKick requires each recipient to complete a W-9 so that we may furnish this information to the IRS via a 1099-MISC. Please note that should Client SideKick furnish this information to the IRS, you will also receive a 1099-MISC mailed to the address on the W-9.

Client SideKick reserves the right to amend, adjust, change, or discontinue any and all terms of this program at its sole discretion without prior notice. Client SideKick retains sole authority to interpret all aspects of the referral program including, but not limited to, criteria, eligibility, amount, and whether payments will be made.