How easy is it to use Client SideKick?

Software is super user friendly! Simple clean look that makes it navigation friendly. Upload documents within seconds. It takes less than 60 seconds to create an account, after which you can start trusting your patients with providers affiliated with Client SideKick & start signing orders, F2F and submitting referrals electronically within minutes with ease.

How secure is Client SideKick?

Our HIPAA compliant software portal & servers keep your patients’ information secure & safe with our military grade encryptions.

How do you confirm if patient’s information was delivered to the agency?

Client SideKick is a two way email communication. Users will receive an e-mail notification for the following:

  1. Referral received and when referral is accepted or declined
  2. When orders are requested for signature and when orders are signed by physicians
  3. When Face-to-Face documentation is requested or back completed by physician
What happens when I experience technical issues?


All users have this icon on their dashboard. Just click on it and enter your user email and start chatting with us regarding any needed you may have.  Our experienced technicians are great and make quick follow ups on all inquires.

What do physicians have access to?

Physicians have a simple and easy to use dashboard and is able to do the following

  1. Refer patient to agency
  2. View and E-Sign all orders requested from agency
  3. Submit Face-to-Face Encounter Documentation
  4. Complete Face-to-Face Encounter Documentation requested by the agency


How do Health Care Providers benefit from Client SideKick?

Health Care Providers will increase their client census by not limiting their options for receiving referrals from the health care community such as Physicians, Hospitals, Doctors office, SNF. Request your orders to be electronically signed from your physicians

What can the Health Care Providers do when using Client SideKick?

Providers have access to real-time workflow,

  1. View incoming referrals and Accept or Decline. Able to view any attachments submitted with referral
  2. Request orders to be signed from physician. Simply upload order in PDF and draw a box where you want the signature and click submit.
  3. Request Face-to-Face Encounter documentation for the physician to complete F2F and submit back to agency.