At Client SideKick® we have made it our mission to increase the quality of life for physicians, providers and patients alike. Our mission is realized every time one of our doctors gets to attend their daughter’s ballet recital, when an agency owner’s stress over payroll is reduced and when a patient is quickly seen by their physician so they can make it to their oldest grandson’s wedding.



Our vision is to eliminate the outdated way orders currently circulate in healthcare. Nearly every industry has seen dramatic improvement and advancement in its technology. However, healthcare order management has always been sluggish to catch up. Our vision is to live in a world where orders take minutes to go back and forth; not hours, days, or weeks.



From working in medical records to running several agencies in multiple states, Ziad Kassab and Dani Kassab grew up in the home healthcare world from a young age. Through their experiences, they found one problem that was consistent in every location: cash flow was behind and they were out of compliance due to a ridiculous amount of outstanding orders. No matter how hard they pushed local reps or pleaded with physicians, there was always a significant amount of unsigned orders, resulting in tremendous stress and pressure on the agencies’ cash flow and survival. In 2015, they decided enough was enough. While at a conference in Vegas, they came up with the idea where a digital signature box could be drawn on an order and sent to a physician to review. Then the physician simply click signs the order to send back to the agency. In late 2018, their vision was actualized and CSK is now helping agencies and physicians everywhere get back what they gave up most: their time.

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