Benefits of Electronic Signatures with Client SideKick

In healthcare, physician signatures are important for compliance in billing, audits, and general operations. Obtaining signatures on documentation is complicated and repetitive. Many agencies and physicians offices that claim to have “gone paperless”, still realize they are printing out forms and faxing documentation for doctors to sign, jeopardizing workflows and causing inefficiencies and lots of man power hours. Client SideKick is built for the unique challenges of healthcare is having with getting documents signed from providers. One of our goals is to stop chasing paper and improve efficiency both for the agency and the physician. 

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Improve compliance– Electronic Signatures ensures they are completed in compliance with HIPAA with military grade encryption and privacy rule. All documents signed electronically are authenticated and have the highest level of privacy and security.

Digital transformation– No doctor likes it when they have reps sitting in a office with a stack of orders to sign. It’s inefficient and time-consuming. Paper forms require being scanned or re-keyed; and many times, agency find themselves misplacing signed documents that the doctor has to sign once or twice more.

Increase efficiency– Get documents signed timely so that healthcare providers can worry more about patient care rather than getting documents signed.

Easy maintenance of all documents– Archive documents electronically for easier and cost-effective retrieval and storage.

Single dashboard – for all your health care providers: HomeHealth, Hospice, DME, Outpatient Rehabilitation, etc.

Electronically sign all orders from your health care providers as simple as reviewing and clicking e-sign & DONE.

Track status of all the referrals that you have sent to your health care providers.

Login from anywhere using your smart phone, tablet, desktop computer.

Prepare Care Plan Oversight every time you sign a home health or hospice certifications and recertifications

⇒ We Eliminate the following from your office:

  • Printing unnecessary documents
  • Reps waiting in your lobby to get orders signed
  • Having your fax beeping all day
  • Not knowing if your referral was delivered

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