Client SideKick – a simple & easy to use software for Physicians to sign ALL their orders for ALL their providers electronically in one place.



Client SideKick Video for Physicians and Health Care Providers


E-Sign Outstanding Orders

Doctor E-Sign all orders requested from your health care providers as simple as reviewing and clicking e-sign button and DONE! Just like our slogan CLICK|SIGN|DONE.  All of this on a HIPAA Compliant server with military grade encryption.

Track Status

Doctor track status of all the referrals that you have sent to your favorite health care providers.

Doctor Referral Submission

Doctor start sending patients to your health care provider of choice. Simply select service type (HomeHealth, Hospice, DME, Rehabilitation Facility) and add the patient information along with your orders then submit. Simple as that!


Sign Up

Doctor sign up in less than 60 seconds. Doctor user accounts are FREE always!

24/7 global account access

Doctor we made it easy for you to refer patients and e-sign all outstanding orders from anywhere. Now you can login from your smart phone, tablet, desktop computer and start using Client SideKick.

Save Time

Doctor we know you are busy and that is why we developed this service for you. Refer patients in a few easy steps and e-sign all orders instantly with a click of a button! No more reps waiting in your lobby, no more signing the same order more than once, no more having your fax beeping all day.  Now you can see all of the information you sent and signed all on your dashboard at anytime from anywhere.


HomeHealth, Hospice, DME, Rehabilitation Facility

Never miss a referral order again

With real time updates that show you which of your referrals are pending, accepted, or denied. Increase conversion rate, increase your client census with more clients

MAKE IT EASY for your Doctors

For Doctors to send you new patients & e-sign orders via their mobile device.

Accept Referrals from everywhere

Discharge Planners, Social Workers, Medical Assistants, Physician Office, etc can all create a FREE account & start referring you patients.

Remain in compliance at all times

Start having all of your orders signed electronically from your doctors and track status of unsigned orders. Lets start getting orders signed under 30 days to stay in compliance and voice citations.

24/7 global account access

You can now accept referrals from providers and send unsigned orders to doctors from anywhere at anytime

Differentiate yourself from the competition

With a new & unique selling point & showcase your commitment to technology. Today Doctors love technology & if you can save them time Client SideKick is a great way in doing it.

Increase your conversion rate

By centralizing your intake department. Create (Intake & Marketers) & have all of your reps submit referrals into the intake dashboard. No more having your reps find a fax or drive to the office just to drop off a referral. Have your reps focus on new referral sources!

Agency Intake:

Track all incoming referrals.

Track all incoming referrals.